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  1. I LOVE the concept behind the game and would you consider giving me the honor of being the first person to write a fanfiction based upon Crow’s Awful Adventures? In my book, Crow will always be better than any so-called “super” villains. Hoping to hear from you soon, Jesse B.

      1. Mr. Hano, I am Dirk Ness aka (cue deep echo-y voice) LORD OBSIDEAN DARKSTONE!! I represent Villains Local #539, Grennville, SC. I have a few Questions for Mr. Crow. First, When did you decide to become a villain? Second, how do you think about the name “Black Tyrant” for my personal airship and “Chaos Lich” for my personal attack ship? Third, which villains of the past inspires you the most. For Me, It’s Skeletor, Cobra Commander, and the Joker. Lastly, would you consider Joining Villains Local? We have many celebrity villians Such as Risky Boots and Carlos Calaca. (look them up if you don’t believe me. Tell Mr. Crow I await his responces Promtly.

        Despicably Yours,

        Dirk Ness, a.k.a. Lord Obsidean Darkstone
        P.S. To Drinkbox and Matt Bozon, I think our villains should team up. Email me later.
        P.P.S. to Mr. Hano, My boss, the aforementioned Mr. Willis would like some inspirsation for his upcoming Nefarious fanfiction. do you have any tidbits or secrets to share about Princess Farah Day and Crow’s minions? Also, Mr. Willis Would like a voodoo doll of himself to keep him company. Do you think you can aquire one for him. If you need a picture, Email a request.
        P.P.P.S. Yes, I do think the doll request is a bit creapy.
        P.P.P.P.S. sorry about any grammar or spelling errors, my minions accidentaly drilled into my castle’s server and the net’s been down for like a mounth. Does Mr. Crow have any porblems with his minions?

        1. Dear Mr. Crow,

          It has come to my attention that the number of princesses you seek to kidnap is only five. I humbly request that you turn your attention to the Magi Province, a large section of land, about the size of Australia, filled with genies, banshees, alebrijes, gypsies, and voodoo practicioners. For details, please e-mail me.

          Hoping to hear from you soon,
          Bates Willis

          P.S. about the voodoo doll thing, I am autistic and am looking for something to fill that void in my life.

          1. Dear Mr. Hano,

            I recently founded a Nefarious fanclub on Deviantart to help spread the word about Crow’s criminal empire. Do you think you can find time to post something on there? The group is called NefariousGame.

            Hoping you show,
            Bates Willis

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