Field Trip!

The Villain Museum

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Today’s post comes with a special sneak peak at some additional content. This stage rest outside the games primary levels. I’ve been calling it a “lore level” because it’s less about kidnapping and action, and more about just learning a little more about the world of Nefarious. It features exhibits from each land and goes a little more into the background of some of the princesses and their kingdoms.

It’s also something of a ‘intermission’ where your minions and the princesses you’ve kidnapped so far take shore leave from your ship. Of course, Crow is one of the museums many benefactors. So naturally, he has an entire wing dedicated to himself and his evil empire. It just isn’t a proper villain museum without him.

And there are plenty more little secrets to be discovered during this pit stop from the main adventure.


Wanted to also take a moment to give a huge thanks for Cyphacon! First, for inviting me as a guest of your lovely convention. Second, for being extra attentive and making sure the Nefarious booth got everything it needed in order to fully show off the game. We demoed Ariella’s stage during the show and overall I considered it a big hit. I even got to meet a few backers which is always awesome.

We had a real princess manning our booth during the event. My beautiful fiancée Miss Marquin. 

A princess kidnapping princesses.

Even lil-Spiderman knows it’s fun to play the bad guy every now and then.

Until next time, stay frosty!


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One thought on “Field Trip!

  1. Hah! I was there at cyphacon!
    It’s just so weird seeing something/someone I’ve heard about and been following and then suddenly meeting the person/people related to the project in real life.
    Anyways, I liked what I saw at the con, and I am certainly interesting in future development.

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