Fire and Ice

Poster Art

Hey guys! Checking in with our monthly update with some cool stuff. We’ve been collaborating with our poster artist, the wonderfully talented¬†Gashi-Gashi, to put something together that you guys are going to like.

We’ve recently come up with a sketch that we both agree is pretty rocking. Please keep in mind this is not the final poster, it’s a rough draft. It’s a good indication of what the final piece is going to turn out like.

So, Mastermind and Megalomaniac Tier backers have something pretty cool coming their way. For everyone else, we will try to open up a method to buy the poster separately. It’s just a little too cool to keep to ourselves.

Dev Blog

We’re happy to report Ariella’s stage is at 95% completion, all that remains in some implementation on the reverse boss fight. Art wise we’ve already moved on to Princess Tephra and her lava kingdom.

The kingdom of Winterdown, Ariella’s lands have been very fun to work on. It’s the first part of Crow’s adventure that doesn’t quite go the way he planned. I also think the music turned out fantastic. Matthew composed something that deviates a little from the normal stage music. It’s our first track that has lyrics in it. Here, give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Fun Fact: The lyrics aren’t just gibberish. They’re actually Princess Ariella’s full name. Princess¬†Alisa Aglaya Anushka Ariella Alena Angelina Avdota Alexandra! Don’t hesitate to call.

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