Heroes always win… except this time.


You Are The Villain

“Dreams of greatness swirl through my mind as I climb in to the hulking machinery I’ve equipped. Now is my time to take control. I am smarter, faster, and stronger than any of the heroes who would stop me, and I will destroy any who try.
This is my time.
I am Crow.”


In Nefarious, Crow can do something you know you’ve always wanted to…

He can take control of boss fights. Heroes will try to stop you, they will hop and jump about. They will shoot bullets, bombs, and thrust their swords at you, so be prepared.

In the most challenging part of the game, we’re incredibly excited to show you the first boss fight, the Bombineer.


The Bombineer is a hero who like many heroes, is out to rescue the princess. He lives and dies by his explosives and will not hesitate to throw them right at the fragile glass-encased headwear our villain loves. But fret not, for Crow’s mechanical monstrosity is equipped with highly explosive fists of fury. Rain down the terror of flames upon the heroes, and bring the princess back to your lair. Getting hit by bombs is no good, Crow needs to protect himself by ducking, dodging, and running out of harms way.

In the past, heroes have prevailed. But today, they will not…


This is Nefarious, and you are the villain.



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