The Team

Josh Hano – Artist

Animation, Illustration, Game Design

Twitter: @JoshHano

Josh Hano is a freelance artist and animator currently working out of Baton Rouge. Inspired by games such as Earthworm Jim, Megaman and other classics, he’s set out to create his own. His recent projects have been Tadpole Treble at Bitfinity games and Swap Drop Poker at Pixel Dash Studios. Both of which he was employed as a contractor. A portfolio of his work can be viewed here.


Phillip Spear – Programmer

Programmer, Game Design


Phillip is the primary programmer behind Nefarious. His recent projects have been Tadpole Treble, Swapdrop Poker and Road Redemption.


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3 thoughts on “The Team

  1. To whom it may concern. My name is Anthony Sardinha. I’m a voice actor from Toronto, Canada. I’ve provided my voice to cartoons such as, “Totally Spies.” The PS3/4/Vita & WiiU hit, “Stick it to The Man.” Adventure games such as, “The Journey Down,” “Samaratin Paradox,” “Quest for Infamy,” “Heroines Quest,” and the popular MOBA game, “Heroes of Newerth.” I’m also a member of the popular online Dragonball Z parody group, “TeamFourStar”.

    I was on Twitter when I saw the poster for Nefarious. It looked amazing, and I loved the design so much I just had to look at more of Josh’s work. I took a look at the video of them driving on the car, and it looks so awesome!

    If you are ever in need of any voice actors, I would be more than happy to help out!

    You can view my credits, listen to my demos and watch clips on my website, Facebook and YouTube page.

    Take care!

    1. I Remember you! And Several of my favorite voice actors come from the Great White North! I hope you get the job and I Sincaerly Hope that Nefarious does have voice Acting!

  2. All this inspiration realllly makes me want to sew the pattern! I’m waiting for your adjustments and FAQ post before I buy the pattern to see if someone’s already asked my questions, but I actually have one of those inspiration images pinned on my “things I can make” board and this pattern would really be perfect for it as you’ve pointed out…

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