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Development Update

Under normal circumstances, Crow may be out there stealing Christmas, like every good bad guy should. Luckily for us, he’s far too busy trying to escape with Princess Apoidea. As the year wraps up, we are also in the process of wrapping up the Insektia Kingdom level. An important milestone as getting here required implementation of a lot of global systems we can use in other levels.

We also wanted to leave you with this preview gif of this levels reverse boss fight. Before you can away with Apoidea, her kingdoms designated hero shows up to try and stop you. And here we decided, every good villain needs a flying pod. Preferably with a giant wrecking ball attached.

Bad weather just seems to follow villains around, doesn’t it? In this reverse boss fight, the hero ‘Dash’ attempts to bash your pod. Your objective is to knock him off his honey comb pillars and then go full on Wreck-it Crow on him.

PAX South – San Antonio, TX January 23-25, 2015

Are you in the southern United States? Are you gonna make your way to PAX South in San Antonio? Well good news everybody! Nefarious will be at PAX South with a playable level. Nefarious will be at the Level UP lab booth. Come meet the team, and play the game.

Pax South Website.

In a future update, we’ll try to include a booth map to show where we’ll be. Hope to see you there!


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