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The Story

Nefarious is about being the bad guy! Face the trials and tribulations of being a 2D platformer villain as you do what villains do best! Thwart the heroes! Kidnap the princess! Conquer the world! Mwahahahaha!

Transparent Assets
 NefariousLogo2nef_desktopicon_512NefariousPoster_12x18Gradientdialogue_portrait_Crowdialogue_portrait_Beckydialogue_portrait_Mayappledialogue_portrait_Apoideadialogue_portrait_Ariella - Copydialogue_portrait_Farrahdialogue_portrait_Tephra

The Gameplay


  • The best laid plans will go awry. And sometimes kidnapping the princess can become… complicated.
  • A princess with wings might make you lighter than air while carrying her. One composed of pure energy might supercharge your abilities just by being in close proximity.
  • A scorching princess may have an adverse effect on your suit and do strange things to your explosive ammo.
  • The tool of our malefactor’s trade. Crow is equipped with a mechanical glove of his own design which grants him various destructive abilities! We will briefly go over them below.
  • On a very basic level, the glove dispenses various sorts of explosions. The player can aim in a 360 degree range in all directions, and it will shoot whatever ammo is selected.
  • For starters, your bomb can bounce before exploding. So long as you don’t strike an enemy directly, you can use it to reach tricky areas that you cannot easily reach yourself.
  • Crow’s power armor is calibrated to counteract the shock of his own bombs. So, instead of being blown to bits, you can use your bombs to knock you into the air or provide a secondary jump.
  • Another sort of ammo is the sticky bomb. Instead of bouncing, it sticks to the first surface or enemy it encounters. It will not detonate until you trigger it.
  • In this regard it becomes very easy to time double jumps, or stick it to an enemy and wait until they approach your other foes for a nasty surprise.




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